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The noble family, originally from Ferrara, has among its top members Lelio Torelli, first secretary of Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo I and Giacomo Torelli, great designer of the seventeenth century.

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The most prominent figures of the family are Guido Nolfi (1554-1627), a learned man who performed important assignments in the Roman Curia and Vincenzo Nolfi (1594-1665), a historian, a literate and prince of the Academy of the Fano Scompositions.

Stemma Marcolini


The Marcolins gave Fano, the Marche, the nation and Europe illustrious men, many of whom belonged to the Order of St. Stephen Pope and Martyr made up of Cosimo I de Medici, approved by Pope Pius VI. In 1596 with Matteo Marcolini, a priori of Rota, this branch also takes the name of Marcolini del Balì.


A project by:

“G.TORELLI” Scientifical High School from Fano

for the activity of “alternanza scuola-lavoro” with the local Museum  in the school year 2016/7


Class 4B

Abordiencei Bianca Mariana
Arcidiacono Renato Kevin
Baffo Sara
Bartoli Pietro
Biagiotti Alice
Caselli Sara
Catalano Maria
Divani Alessandro
Esposti Luca
Farinasso Marco
Ferretti Asia
Fiorucci Chiara
Gambelli Andrea


Giuliani Linda
Glori Priscilla
Gregori Lorenzo
Lucarelli Marco
Marcucci Lucia
Mattioli Linda
Olivi Gianluca
Olivieri Julie
Polverari Alessandro
Renzoni Manuel
Romagnoli Gloria
Sposito Domenico

Project coordinator:

Giovanna Mancini, teacher of History of Art


Roberta Vagnini, teacher of Italian language and literature

Benedetta Barboni, teacher of English language and literature

Emanuele Tonucci, teacher of IT

Gabriele Gelardi, teacher of History of Art

External expert:

Mignani Patrizia, responsible for the local Museum

Prete Cecilia, University teacher of museology and museography

Cannamela Katie, English mother tongue teacher

D’Angelo Maria Paola, University teacher of traslation and didactis

Claudia Cardinale, official of the Culture Office of the Municipality of Fano

Antonella Micaletti, teacher of History of Art (etra association. Enters art. Museum education)


The realization and success of this project was possible due to the support of: director and principal of Liceo Scientifico of Fano, Samuele Giombi, curator of Musei Civici of Fano, Patrizia Mignani, the Office of Culture of Fano, in particular Claudia Cardinali and Assessor for Culture and tourism, Stefano Marchegiani.



Invisible itineraries can be traced among the paintings of the local Museum of Fano. They tell us about noble families and noblemen who contributed to building the history of the town.

We focused on those itineraries and were particularly interested in Giacomo Torelli’s family, who was an important stagehand of the XVII century. The Scientifical High School of Fano was named after him.

The leaflets of the Museum and a special web site: make it possible to know about the history behind the portraits and paintings commissioned by some noblemen from Fano. We referred in particular to the ones who lived during the XVII century who left visible signs even outside the walls of our town.

Moreover some places of our town witness the past presence of those noble families, who commissioned the artistic and cultural works that modified the shape and history of Fano. It’s a pity though that some of those works went lost.



Fano during the XVII century
(this map was made by Joan Blaeu and printed in 1704 by Pierre Mortier)





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The story of Giacomo Torelli, a famous designer of the seventeenth century, is related to the events of the noble families Marcolini and Nolfi, and is described in the itineraries that have as their starting point some pictorial works of the Civic Museums.

The design of this site is the ultimate outcome of the work-alternating school-work activity carried out in the school year 2016/2017 by the 4B classroom of Giacomo Torelli's Liceo Scientifico di Fano.


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