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The noble family, originally from Ferrara, has among its top members Lelio Torelli, first secretary of Grand Duke of Tuscany Cosimo I and Giacomo Torelli, great designer of the seventeenth century.

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The most prominent figures of the family are Guido Nolfi (1554-1627), a learned man who performed important assignments in the Roman Curia and Vincenzo Nolfi (1594-1665), a historian, a literate and prince of the Academy of the Fano Scompositions.

Stemma Marcolini


The Marcolins gave Fano, the Marche, the nation and Europe illustrious men, many of whom belonged to the Order of St. Stephen Pope and Martyr made up of Cosimo I de Medici, approved by Pope Pius VI. In 1596 with Matteo Marcolini, a priori of Rota, this branch also takes the name of Marcolini del Balì.

ITINERARY Fano in the places that tell the FAMILY TORELLI

The Torellis was a historical Medieval Italian family. It was a noble family originating from Ferrara, on which the Este prevailed in the fight for the dominance of the city. It consequently divided into different branches.

According to the chronicles, Viviano Torelli came to Fano from Parma in the thirteenth century. Today the family is extinct.

231) Pinacoteca Civica (Civic Gallery), in Palazzo Malatestiano, Piazza XX Settembre (XX September Square).
The Pinacoteca Civica (Civic Gallery) hosts some well-known characters’ portraits of Torelli family and twelve oil small paintings. They represent some theatrical scenes of Giacomo Torelli. The small paintings and the portraits of G.Torelli and his wife, were offered by the earl Gregorio Tomani Amiani to the Musei Civici (Civic Museum) at the end of ‘800s. The earl had inherited them from Torelli.

42) Teatro della Fortuna, Foyer Torelli Piazza XX settembre.

In this place Giacomo Torelli realised Teatro della Fortuna in 1677, by substituing the Commedy’s room that was inside the former Podestà Palace. Fano provided itself a structure that would be an example all over Europe.




1103) San Pietro in Valle,Nolfi street.

Giacomo Torelli, who was an important member of the family, was baptized in the original Medieval constrution of the present beautiful seventeenth century church San Pietro in Valle in Fano.
He was a famous scenographer, who lived in Forestieri street next to the church on the left of its facade. The Scientific high school in Fano is still nowadays called after him.
Torelli and his wife are buried in the second chapel on the left.

94) Biblioteca Federiciana. this library conserves 2 booklets that Torelli wanted embellished with printed images of his scenes and drawings from the XVIII century of the Teatro della Fortuna

85) Palazzo Torelli. Giacomo Torelli street. Family’s palace.
In the 17th century Paolo Torelli, who was the local authority, lived in the palace in Giacomo Torelli street.

76) Palazzo Torelli, Antonio Costanzi Square.

The builing was made a floor higher compared to the original by Evangelista Torelli and by his nephew Torello Torelli.
The facade in neoclassical style was built by Baldini.
The square is dedicated to Antonio Costanzi, who was the father of Camilla Costanzi. She married Giovanni Antonio Torelli. Lelio Torelli would be born of them.

67) Pinacoteca di San Domenico, P.zza Amiani.

The inner part of the building, that was modified at the beginning of the 18th century by Francesco Gasparoli coming from Fano, most probably follows the original drawing for a scenography by Giacomo Torelli.

8) Chiostro di Sant'Agostino, Via Vitruvius.

Frescos by G.C Begni of Pesaro are preserved in the lunettes of the Renaissance cloister. They depict the life of St. Augustin. These frescos were painted around 1640 and financed by noble families of Fano.






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